Coffee Love :-)

Happy Valentines Day…


There is one more thing I love the most, which is my fuel, my coffee… 🙂

My love affair with coffee started when I was still in preschool. For some reason, since childhood, I didn’t like milk / milk products (BTW, I am not lactose intolerant, just didn’t like the smell or taste of milk products). Despite my Mom’s unrelenting efforts, I just didn’t like milk; if she forced milk down my throat using a spouted spoon, I would kick-up a storm and throw up!!

My Mom came up with this brilliant idea of adding a teaspoon of coffee to a cup of milk and called it White-Coffee and voilà, it worked. I started drinking Milk… no… no… White-Coffee.

During my school and college days, my coffee consumption was 2 to 3 cups per day. My Mom and I would savour our hot and strong coffee together. BTW, She makes top-class coffee.

After marriage, I moved to the US. More than culture-shock, it was caffeine-shock for me. It me a while to start liking the American coffee. Starbucks was too bitter for me. At workplace, they had all flavors of coffee, French-Vanilla, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel to name a few. For the love of coffee, my tongue got used to these flavors. Then I discovered Dunkin’ Donuts!! Liked their coffee, but felt it was too creamy. I figured a way out of that too… I would buy just plain black coffee and add milk to make it to my liking. Necessity is the Mother of Invention, isn’t it? A cup in the morning, a cup in the afternoon, and one in the evening kept me going (A cup is a small cup, not a Large / Grande, believe me).

During my pregnancy days, as per the articles on effect of caffeine on the baby (even though the amount of coffee I consumed wouldn’t have had negative effect), I reduced the coffee intake to 1-2 small cups per day.

After 9-months, I delivered my son after quite a long labor of almost 18 hours. Post-delivery, the nurse came and asked me ‘What would you like to have?‘. I smiled and said, ‘A cup of hot and strong coffee, please‘. She laughed and said, ‘Coffee!! I thought you would ask for wine!‘.

In the years that followed, while juggling work-kids-family, my coffee-connection grew stronger. Luckily, the Company I worked for had flex-time option. I opted for 6 am to 4 p.m. slot so that kids spent less time in the day-care. It was coffee that kept me going through that early morning schedule (for a person like me who was never a morning-person all her life).

After my family and I moved back to India, I found my true coffee again 🙂 Right blend of Coffee and Chicory, lip-smacking filter coffee in almost all the restaurants we go to, my coffee meetings with my colleagues and friends who just adore coffee… Ah! Nice!!

When I travel (out of our state and abroad), first thing I get when I land is a cup of coffee at Hatti Kaapi in the airport.

In case you are wondering if my husband likes coffee too… not really, he is a tea-person… It is not that he dislikes coffee, but prefers tea. To please me or to make peace with me, he drinks White-Coffee. My younger-son is like his Dad too. My elder son is my coffee buddy just like how I am to my Mom.

Cheers… A cup of virtual coffee to all the coffee lovers around the globe…


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