True Meaning of Beauty

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If you remember, I had introduced the fictional female protagonist, Maitri in one of my earlier blogs (Maitri A Symbolic Female Protagonist).

This article is going to look at true meaning of beauty through her eyes.

Maitri was at a wedding reception function a few days back. Given the type of the occasion, pretty much everyone is dressed up to look his / her best. Conversations among ladies focused on the dress / sari color, jewellery, makeup, lipstick color, commenting on / appreciating others looks. Women were commenting on her uni-brow look and how it has become the new trend. Some were passing snide remarks at how plump one lady looked, how an elderly lady hadn’t got her lips waxed / threaded, while some were just happy to meet each other after a long time and connecting over happy things. Recently released movie ‘Padmavat’ and Padmavathi’s look in that movie were also being discussed.

These made Maitri wonder why people can’t look beyond external appearance.


that eyebrows related conversation took her down the memory lane.

She had just graduated and was entering wedlock soon. She was this girl who didn’t really pay much attention to make-up (apart from face-powder, bindi, may be a face cream during winter days). Dressing up meant wearing a nice salwar-kameez / chudidaar set. Facial, getting the eyebrows done, fine hair on upper lips, and things like weren’t on her mind. These things didn’t really matter much in the environment she lived in. 

As the wedding day drew closer, she was told by her fiancé’s family side to get the eyebrows done and apply face-pack to get a toned skin!! (This might sound absurd to the current generation girls who start trial sessions at a beauty salon a month prior to the wedding and hire a celebrity-beautician for makeups). There was some beauty-parlor lady who came and did some sort of makeup. Wedding happened, vows were exchanged, and all. 

She had to live abroad with her husband. A girl who lived and breathed in salwar-kameez had to switch to western clothes. She entered the corporate world; made a name for herself.

Eventually, she was ready for motherhood. When she was entering the third trimester, she had a few family members advising her how to take care of her body after the baby is born so that she won’t be left with a big tummy!!! She was taken aback as those so called female members of the family (who are mothers and grandmothers themselves) were more concerned about her appearance than her and her baby’s health.

Hi Maitri, You look fab and trendy… How do you manage to look so fit and gorgeous all the time?” brought Maitri back from her memory trip to the reception hall.

Maitri just smiled at that comment.

This lady, who is in her sixties, a grandmother herself, who just complimented her is known for commenting on people’s weight right on their face; she apparently had a weighing scale in her eyes!! To this person, slim and trim defined the other person. Some are fat, some are thin, some may be obese and there can be multitude of reasons including health issues for the appearance. Why would you want to judge a person based on the weight? What if an elderly woman has a few hairs on her chin (it is hormone related) and doesn’t care about getting those threaded? Are people so shallow that they can’t look beyond facial hair? Some grandmothers are just happy playing with their grandchildren and doing things at home instead of visiting beauty-parlour / going for a walk to keep herself fit even when her presence is needed at home. What is wrong in that?

Maitri tries to keep such superficial people at a distance and tries to educate them indirectly on the inner beauty. She strongly believes that we come in all different sizes, shapes, color, and play different roles at different points of our life. Happy thoughts, kindness, humility, caring for others, and such core values are the ones that bring out the true beauty of a person.

While physical aspect of beauty can be an asset, any person can groom herself to look better / more beautiful and there are cosmetic procedures that people go for these days. That is just superficial. What lasts longer is the inner beauty and even age cannot take that away from you.


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