Parfait – Perfectly Customizable Dessert

I hosted a family dinner party recently. Chapati / Phulka (Indian flat bread), curries, Veg Pulav, Raita (beaten curd with raw onions and tomatoes), salad were in the menu. Dessert is something everybody looks forward to.

My kids wanted some unique dessert, not the traditional Paayasa / Kheer as I had made such dishes for the Hindu New Year, Yugaadi and Rama Navami.

A few of our guests had diabetes, a few were health (calorie!) conscious type.

I prepared the following as ingredients for the dessert:

  • Custard using Brown & Polson custard powder and kept it in the refrigerator for cooling (low-fat milk and honey used for custard prep)
  • Gelatin (Mango flavored)
  • Fruits cut into small pieces (Apple, Muskmelon, Pomegranate, Sweet-Lime Chikoo, Grapes) and kept in separate bowls
  • Rolled oats, almonds, raisins, in separate dishes
  • Vanilla and Butterscotch ice cream (two separate tubs)
  • Plain Yogurt
  • Plain cake cut into thin slices soaked in low-fat milk

Our guests feasted on the sumptuous spread of bread, Veg and Lentil curries, Pulav, and Salad.

It was time for dessert.

I announced it is ‘Build Your Own Parfait‘ and placed all the ingredients on our coffee table along with tall glasses.

We, kids and adults alike had great fun layering ingredients of our choice in the tall glass and made lip-smacking parfait of our choice to suit our taste / dietary restrictions. Each Parfait was indeed true to its meaning Perfect… Yum… Yum…

Give it a shot…

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