From A Night Owl to A Morning Lark… Or Both?!!

Happy Monday, Folks. Wish you all a happy, healthy, and fruitful week ahead…☺👍

Something surprising is happening with me for the past 2 weeks and I can’t believe it myself: I am waking up early (I mean real early :-)) that too without an alarm clock buzzing next to me!!!

If you have been a morning person all along and you are reading my blog, you might be wondering what is so special, I do it all the time. For the rest, this might be yet another article on ‘How to get up early?’ 😊

I have never been a morning person, but only a need-based / situation-based early bird. I had to rely on an alarm clock on a daily basis; after hitting the snooze button 3 times, I would drag myself out of the bed!! When people talked about their body clock waking them up in the morning on an auto pilot, I would wonder how that worked.

I guess I was abusing my body clock pretty badly given my hectic work schedule, working across multiple time zones, and juggling things on the home front.

A Yoga Instructor Certification program I had enrolled for came as a blessing in disguise (I have been a Yoga practitioner for 3.5 years and wanted to get Instructor Certificate as well; more about that in another blog).

As part of the certification, I had to stay on the Yoga University campus for 8 days, which is called the contact program.

It included lecture classes, practice sessions (Asanas, Meditation, and Kriyas), chanting and rendering services etc. We had quite a rigorous schedule; classes started at 5 am and concluded at 9:15 pm. We had to be on time for each and every class; if we were late by 2 minutes, we would be marked absent for that class. So, we had to get up at 4 am, take a bath (some days with cold water), wear Yoga uniform and head to the class.

My roommate and I had our mobile alarm set to 4 am and we would wake up without hitting the snooze button! Got ready and went through that day’s schedule. This was our schedule for 7 days.

Cleared the Yoga + Kriyas exams (both theory and practical), presentation and viva-voce; got my Yoga Instructor Certificate and returned home with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

After a week long hectic schedule, I thought of sleeping in the next day. Didn’t keep any alarm. Next morning, when I opened my eyes and checked the clock, it was 4 am!! I didn’t feel like hitting the pillow again; got up, went for a walk, did the Asanas as we were doing at the campus.

My family joked saying it is the first day after you got back, let us see if you get up without alarm tomorrow. I thought so too. To my pleasant surprise, I got up at 4 am without alarm! I was able to pull it off day after day.

Yay!! My Body Clock started working on its own ☺

Based on my experience, I can say, if you want to become a morning person, take up some hobby or task that you really like that needs a early morning schedule, stick to it for at least 7 to 10 days. I am pretty sure you can ace it.

That said, I can’t go to bed before 11:00 or 11:30 pm (old habits die hard, huh?). Still, thanks to Yoga and meditation, I can get up early without feeling groggy. And I owe it to the Yoga program. More about the Yoga University and the courses later.


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