Reduce Stress,Get Cured

We have been hearing and reading a lot about psychosomatic diseases lately. A psychosomatic disorder is a disease which involves both mind and body. Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to be made worse by mental factors such as stress and anxiety. One’s current mental state can affect how bad a physical disease is at any given time.

This insightful article on stress on huffpost reveals how dreadful stress is to one’s life.

Society at large thinks that ‘being busy’ or ‘being stressed out’ is the norm and is a fashion statement. Someone looking relaxed / happy might get branded as lazy by this so called society!! When one’s health goes for a toss, this society who might have influenced one to be stress-fully ambitious will be nowhere to be seen. More importantly, you cannot delegate / rent-out your medical condition to someone else!! So, make your health your first priority and go on achieving everything (I mean good things :-)) in a calm manner.

Please note this doesn’t mean we should give up our goals / become complacent / go to the Himalays to meditate 🙂 It just means perform your duties and pursue your ambitions in a calm manner as explained by Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita:

योगस्थ: कुरु कर्माणि सङ्गं त्यक्त्वा धनञ्जय |
सिद्ध्यसिद्ध्यो: समो भूत्वा समत्वं योग उच्यते ||2. 48||

Be steadfast in the performance of your duty, O Arjun, abandoning attachment to success and failure. Such equanimity is called Yog.

Below are the excerpts from an assignment I worked on during my MSc Yoga Therapy Course. The incidents described are living proof of direct correlation between stress reduction and cure.





How to reduce Stress?

Based on my own experience with Fibromyalgia and Yoga as a tool to cure this so-called incurable condition, I can confidently say Yoga is the way to go as it works on all 5 layers of our existence, Asanas / Yoga Poses for the Physical body, breathing exercises / Pranayama for the Energy Body, Emotional culturing for the Mind, Counselling / Lectures for the Intellectual Layer, and Happy Assembly / Games for the Blissful Layer of our being. This is called Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy (IAYT), which has been developed by the world renowned Yoga University S-VYASA and is being administered to a number of individuals suffering from various medical conditions at S-VYASA’s Jigani, Bengaluru Campus, Arogyadhama

If you are looking for improving / maintaining positive health, please do visit the campus once and find out for yourself.

                                                             Om Shanti

8 thoughts on “Reduce Stress,Get Cured

  1. At the end of the day, it is all about managing stress. Stress on it’s own is not a bad thing – it propels us to take action, think outside the box and it is a mental steroid to keep us going.


    1. Thanks for your input, B.Joe. Yes, stress can act like a catalyst if it happens once in a while, but if one is constantly under stress, then it is definitely a problem. Our system under constant stress can be compared to a spring that is stretched beyond its elastic limit; it will not return to its original state even after the stress conditions are removed. We aren’t talking about being complacent or lazy, but leading a happy and meaningful life.


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