Soul On A Journey

Yesterday, February 07, 2020, we received a shocking news on our S-VYASA MSc Yoga Therapy WhatsApp Group:
One of our Gurus, Dr. H. K. Rajesh Sir who taught us Vedas, Upanishads, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika left his physical body to continue the journey on a higher plane.
First reaction was obviously shock and disbelief! How did it happen? Why? When? How can a healthy person who led a Yogic life leave so early? Dr. H.K. Rajesh Sir was in Nashik for a Yoga Camp and passed away due to a massive heart attack.

We were reflecting on our interaction with him during our Yoga classes. He was a great Guru, knew the Vedas, Upanishads, and Sutras by-heart, and he could explain those profound concepts in a very relatable manner.

He had a good sense of humour too; while talking about the Four Ashramas of Human Life, he would joke with us saying “you all have broken the boundaries; when your kid / grandkid is writing his / her exams, you are keeping company by studying with him / her” (given the fact our class strength was around 150+ and we came in all age groups from 20+ to 70+).

Sir not only taught the Scriptures and Sutras, but also lived by those principles. A true Guru / Leader is the one who Leads by Example.

Coming to the question that’s bothering all of us, ‘Why did he leave so soon?’, one of our batch-mates remembered a piece of conversation he had with Sir:

When asked why some of the great Yogis (e.g., Swami Vivekananda) had a short lifespan, Sir had explained:

“A Yogi doesn’t need to stay in the physical body. It is the Atma which stays in the future. Yogis leave the Earth once their duty is done.”

This is the only reason we can accept to come to terms with Sir’s sudden demise! S-VYASA family and the entire Yoga World have lost a true gem, but we are sure his soul is summoned to pursue higher goals.He will live forever in our minds through his enlightening lectures and the disciplined life he led in this mortal world.

                                                                      ॐ शान्ति (Om Shanthi)