Cousins’ Gang

Cousins’ Day is still a few months away. But, a photo shared by my Aunt (my Mom’s Sister-in-law) took me down the memory lane and all the nice time we cousins had (and still having :-)).

This is a pic from her wedding reception (early 1980s).

Little girls draped in Sarees!! I was telling my Aunt that we look like her bridesmaids and my Uncle’s best-men. 🙂

We used to pester our female relatives to drape saree on us. We didn’t get custom-size / ready-to-wear small sarees back then. They would have to fold the usual 6 meters saree to fit these pesky (especially me) little girls. After so much of effort, we would keep it for a couple of minutes (either got tired of it / realized we couldn’t play while wearing saree), change into our usual attire! After a few hours, it was back to square one, begging our Aunts to make us wear saree! Hats off to them for putting up with me / us.

As the wheel of time turned, we grew up, graduated from school, started working, got married, had babies, and now our kids are in college / school.

(You know what… My cousins when they showed this photo to their kids, who are in grades 1 through 4 now, refused to believe that those girls were their Mom! Even better, one of my cousins didn’t recognize himself in that pic!!)

We live in different places across the country and the world. Thanks to the social media like WhatsApp, we do keep in touch. We hope and wish that our kids continue to cherish the strong bonds that we have developed over time.

A few pics of our Cousins’ Gang are below:

Again, thank you Aunty for sharing your wedding reception photo, which is the very reason for this blog-post.

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