ManjushaMedleys’s Co-bloggers

Happy Friday…

I have been meaning to add info about the key contributors to this blog-site for a while now… Finally I got around to it!

Sri. RamaMurthy
    He is a key contributor and also the very inspiration behind this blog-site.

A few years back, when we were exchanging ideas and articles on WhatsApp, he asked me, “Why don’t you start a blog to publish these?”. Initially, I wasn’t sure, later I implemented his advice. And, I must day I am happy I did it!

How are we related? He is my Uncle (Chikkappa, my Mom’s younger sister Smt. Nagarathna’s husband). Rathna Aunty and Chikkappa currently reside in Bengaluru with their loving Grandkids, Daughter-in-law, and Son and are from Bhadravati.

They have an elder daughter who lives with her family in Sheffield, UK.

I feel I am blessed to have them as my Aunt and Uncle, a very caring and inspiring couple! They are ready to help people around them in whatever way they can, a noble virtue indeed.

Happy co-blogging, Chikkappa… ☺️💐