Mythological Spin on Valentine’s Day

Origin of Valentine’s Day as per Hindu Mythology… 😀

The following write-up that was shared in one of my WhatsApp groups left me in splits. So, thought of sharing it here… Enjoy…


When Lord Murugan returned home after the fruit fiasco, Lord Ganesha hosted a big party – a welcome home party for Lord Murugan.
Murugan accepted the party under one condition that Sage Narada not to be invited since he was the main reason for the split in the family. Thus there was a major party in heaven, where everyone were invited. Indra and his troops, Lord Shiva and his commandoes, Lord Vishnu along with his followers and the whole of Satyalok except Sage Narada.

Narada felt left out. After the party was over, he went to Lord Brahma, and enquired why this bias? Lord Brahma said, he need to talk to Goddess Saraswathi, as He cannot mediate in this. Goddess looked at Narada and said, “Son, you may have done the right thing. But Lord Murugan felt insulted. It is not easy for him to forgive you. What you could do is call him for a good dinner party. Just tell him it is just you and him alone. He will agree to it. Make sure you give him plenty of fruits, take him to Nalabaha Restaurant and host a great dinner party for Him. He will be satisfied and His anger towards you will be gone”.

Bowing to Goddess Sarawathi, Narada immediately booked a date with Nalabaha Restaurant. It was the first day of the Maasi month.
He knew that Lord Murugan will be busy during ‘Thai’ month due to Thai Poosam and all. He then called Lord Murugan and invited Him for dinner. After the festivities of ‘Thai’ Lord Murugan was in a good mood and also his anger towards Lord Narada had diminished by this time. So, he accepted the dinner party.

On that day Lord Narada took some five of the rare fruits in a basket and went to the Restaurant. Shortly Lord Murugan joined him. Nalan the Master Chef of Heaven, had specially prepared a great meal that day. Lord Murugan was very pleased. He then gave the fruits that Lord Narada had given him and asked him to come up with a good dessert. Nalan using his own unique skills, mixing the fruits with jaggery and ghee qucikly came up with a great recipe.

As Sage Narada and Lord Murugan completed the dinner and the dessert, Murugan was so impressed he said, “This is a great day for me. I had an excellent meal and I a great dessert. I would like this day to be remembered. Anyone with great mutual love for each other, split due to mis-understandings, then this day will be the right day to make-up with each other. The dessert provided today will be my chief offerings for my Temple”

Thus the dessert – Panchamirtham became famous offerings in all Murugan temple.

As for the day, it is still remembered to this day as “Velan Dines Day” – in short Valentine’s day! 😀☺️👍


Funny version of Valentine’s Day for Weekend Humour… 😀