A Leaf from Childhood Memories (Author: Meghana Savkar)

This article marks the debut of my cousin, Meghana Savkar as a Blogger! 💐

Meghana is a loving daughter, daughter-in-law (of my Aunt and Uncle that I had talked about earlier), wife of my cousin, Ravi, a caring & nurturing Mom of two adorable kids, Ankith and Aisiri, an able IT professional, and above all, a simple and caring human being.

Thanks for sharing your lovely childhood memories, Meghana. Happy Blogging… ☺️

Let me take you down the memory line to my childhood!

A brief about my family…I am the only child to my parents.
My dad is a retired bank officer and my mom a housewife.

Being part of a banker family means moving to different places every 3-4 years. It also means, you get to learn and grow in new schools, making new set of friends and experience different cultures, language and food. All this was a part of my childhood which I enjoyed!

One thing that never changed every year was us travelling to Bangalore during my summer vacations which I always looked forward to.

I spent most of my holidays either at my Doddammas’ / maternal aunt (Malleshwaram) or my Atte’s /paternal aunt (Subramanyanagar) with my cousins, crack silly jokes, watch movies, go shopping – talk all day about ghosts / haunted houses and get scared to go to bed at night 😅 and so on…

Summer holidays were special to me as I could hang out with my cousins, check out their latest gadgets, get introduced to new games and take all of that to my friends back in school and flaunt them for being the first one to learn about their existence and even use those stuff 😆

Another best time from my childhood – When I was in primary school, we lived in Mysuru, which I connect to the most. I had my maternal aunt’s (Prabha) family living close by. I had a cousin of my age and we shared the same school, same class. Those days were fun, my cousin and I would be dropped to school either by his dad or mine and be picked up by my aunt. He helped me learn ride cycle 🚲 which otherwise wouldn’t be attempted by me 😁 This didn’t make me feel lonely.

I miss those days, cherish all the happy, joyful, carefree time spent which will last a lifetime and bring a smile every time I think of my past🙂
Needless to say all those wonderful people and memories hold a special place in my heart 😌