BhagavadGita, the Life Guide and My Spiritual Guru

Happy Monday, Everybody!

This blog post is on Srimad BhagavadGita, the ultimate guide of Life and is dedicated to my Spiritual Guru, respected Sreeparna Roy Didi. She is one of the respected Gurus who teaches at S-VYASA. I came into her contact (or I should say it was the divine force that connected me with her) when I went to S-VYASA Yoga University for my Yoga Instructor Certification (YIC) contact program that I had taken up through distance education mode. and examination back in mid-2018. During that time, Sreeparna Madam taught us Cyclic Meditation, a meditation technique developed by the Gurus at S-VYASA; its efficacy has been reviewed and recognized by NCBI. Her voice, diction, calmness, simplicity, ever smiling face, depth of knowledge, pretty much everything about her influenced us. She not only teaches, but leads by example (I strongly believe a true leader should lead by example, not by talks; walking the talk is important).

While interacting with her during YIC program, my friend and I happened to talk to her about the Master degree in Yoga Therapy that is being offered through distance education by S-VYASA. She happened to be the faculty of this M.Sc. program and she emailed us the details. After going through the program details, we both signed up for it. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think, I would have taken up this course.

During the 1st Semester of the M.Sc. program, Sreeparna Madam told us that she can get us started on BhagavadGita chanting and memorization process if we are interested. We had heard from our other Gurus that she knows Gita by-heart and she can recite the Shlokas in any order and also quote any Shloka from any chapter just like that. This is simply amazing! What better Guru can we get than someone like her who knows and lives by the BhagavadGita. So, we jumped at her offer and got started on the Gita journey.

I am very happy to say she has been and continues to be my Spiritual Guru. Thank you so much, Sreeparna Didi. Hari Om, Pranaam.

With my Spiritual Guru, Sreeparna Roy Didi
Blessed to receive Yoga Instructor Certificate from the respected Guruji, Dr. H.R.Nagendra,
the Founder and Chancellor of S-VYASA Yoga University

Now, coming to the Guide of Life, Srimad BhagavadGita, all I can say is it has made a huge difference in my life and I am trying to inculcate a few teachings in my daily life (to the extent possible). It is boundaries-agnostic; it is beyond castes, religions, faith systems, geographical locations. I guess people would shy away from studying Gita saying that it is in Samskritha and they cannot comprehend. Language is definitely not a barrier as many translations and interpretations of the Gita are available in English and other languages of the world as well. Leaning the Gita just needs the willingness. We have so many people from all over the world as our batch mates who are learning the Gita.

A few links to BhagavadGita resources for those interested in learning:

I thought of sharing details of a golden opportunity for Gita Chanting that is initiated by Chinmaya Mission. Swami Chinmayaanandaji, the founder of this mission popularised the Gita study through his Mission’s Gita Jnana Yajna.

NOTE: The following Telegram group meant for Geeta Chanting is still active. All the media files that were shared during the “Geeta Parayana Yagna” are available in the Media section of this Telegram group. Very Enlightening and interesting Videos do get posted. So, interested people can still join this group.

To participate in this Gita Jnana Yajna, all you need is the Telegram app installed on your mobile. Details to join this online program are below.

Hari om. Chinmaya Mission Mumbai invites you to Chant/learn the 
entire Geeta Chanting with just 2-3 shlokas per day. 
Beginning this Shivaratri till the Navaratri.

”Let's Chant"
'BhagwadGeeta Parayan Yagna'

Participants will chant/learn 2-3 shlokas each day with meaning:

Start date: 21st February 2020, (Maha Shivratri)
End date: 16th October 2020 (Geeta Aarti on 17th October, Navratri)

Due to overwhelming response, we have created a group on TELEGRAM app.

Please download TELEGRAM app from playstore or apple 
and create your free account. 
Then click on the link:
Hari Om