My Experiments with Henna Tattoos

It’s mid-week already! Happy Wednesday, everybody…

During the weekend, I had some time on my hands as I was feeling a bit under the weather. I thought of giving Henna tattoos a shot to keep myself occupied.

Links below provide a little bit of background on Henna and henna tattoos:

Now, back to my experiment with Henna… Since my childhood, I was fond of henna. We would get the henna leaves from a friend’s house garden, pester my Mom to grind it for me, and apply that paste on my hands in the night. Taking extreme care not to smudge the tattoos, managing to sleep that night with tattooed hands, dreaming of getting nice, dark colored designs the next morning. I would get up on my own that morning, rush to the bathroom to wash off the dried up henna from my hands and see the colored pattern on my hands!! It would give me great joy (granted the designs were primitive and color wouldn’t be that vibrant, but a nice orange color).

Nowadays, Henna / Mehendi ceremony has become an integral part of wedding itinerary in India irrespective of the region (it used to be a North Indian culture previously). I think it is a nice addition as people can just have fun without worrying about any rituals / customs.

My sister-in-law’s daughter got married mid last year. She had arranged for a henna event at her place and it was a blast! A group of professional henna artists had come to her place and pretty much everyone got hennafied.

Henna applied to my hands and feet by a professional artist
Tattooed hands of my Aunt and I the next day (after washing off the dried henna paste)

Last weekend, when I thought of doing something fun while at home, I asked my husband to get a readymade henna paste cone from a nearby store; he got one for me; it costs 50 Indian rupees per cone.

Readymade Henna Paste Cone

I let my artistic imagination flowing on my feet, left hand and arm through that henna cone and outcome was kinda okay, I guess! See for yourself in the photos below!

So, when you aren’t feeling too well and want to do something to keep yourself amused, do something creative… Draw / color, write, or henna tattoo anybody!! ☺️