When Your Family has a Celebrity Look-alike!!

Fun Friday, Everybody…

Folk wisdom says that each person has or will have his / her look-alikes in this world.

It becomes even more intriguing when your look-alike happens to be a celebrity!! ☺️

This happened with us when we attended a family wedding back in August 2019. My family was meeting many of our relatives after a long time and our Aunts and Uncles were happy to see us especially my kids who are all grown up since the last time they met each other.

One of the Aunts saw my elder Son and remarked, “Oh! Vitthal looks exactly like Sanjith Hegde!!” At that point of time we didn’t know who Sanjith Hegde is. She explained he is a famous play back singer and he is a discovery of the famous singing reality show, ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ (a talent hunt show similar to American Idol). We were amused by this remark. Festivities continued and in the evening, we met a few more of our relatives and were surprised when many of them also thought that my Son (the one wearing red colored Kurta in the picture below) looks like this Singer Sanjith!!

After we got back home, I was curious and Googled Sanjith Hegde. Lo and behold, yes he looks like Vitthal and vice-versa!!

I listened to Sanjith’s songs, his journey on SaReGaMaPa show as a favorite contestant, and his interviews on YouTube. When I watched his interview video, I felt that not only the looks, but some of his mannerisms are so much like my Son’s!!

Famous Playback Singer Sanjith Hegde
My son Vitthal Yellambalse

I must say Sanjith Hegde is quite a versatile singer and a very simple humble kid. He is singing not only in Kannada movies, but in other South Indian languages too. We are sure with such talent coupled with humility he will reach even greater heights in his profession and personal lives. We wish you the best, kiddo!

A few of my favorites are:

Some of you might ask if my Son Vitthal sings. He has got this innate ability to catch the tunes. He learned piano for a year or so (thanks to his pushy Mom!!); we still have a piano at home. Both my kids experiment by learning their favorite songs Piano notes on YouTube. One such song that my younger Son Bhargav learned and managed to play is Ed Sheeran’s The Shape of You’s Piano Cover by Francesco Parrino.

Vitthal is currently pursuing his Engineering degree. Another interesting titbit is: The very first post ‘I Am Me’ on this blog site is his contribution; he had written it when he was in high school; I took the hand written copy and entered it as a blog post.

How did Vitthal take his new-found celebrity look-alike status?! ☺️

I guess he was either feeling shy or didn’t want to acknowledge it initially. After a few months, while he was at the security check lane at an airport, one of the security personnel asked him whether he is a Singer. Since some dude not from our region (Karnataka, India) that too at the Airport thought that he resembled the celebrity singer, Vitthal accepted the fact that he does look like Sanjith Hegde!!

I keep pulling Vitthal’s leg by saying that he has got a fan following now that he looks like a Celebrity Singer and when we go outside with him, people give him a second look and we bask in his reflected glory! 😉