Cultivate Happiness

Given the current health-scare scenario that the entire world is grappling with, all of us are going through a trying time.

Not withstanding the people / social media spreading rumours / acting in an irresponsible manner, it is quite encouraging and comforting to see people and organizations trying to help others in their own way, be it through donation, offering place to stay, treating / caring for affected people, researching vaccines / medicines to combat the Virus, educating people on the nature of the virus and precautionary measures to prevent the spread, caring for their helpers / team members by providing the essentials and assuring them of the salary, and teaching people at large to remain calm and composed and radiate positive thoughts & vibrations.

As our Mind can be our Best Friend or the Worst Enemy, we have to watch our thoughts carefully. Think Right, Choose Right, and Do Right should be the Mantra.

As I might have mentioned in some of my earlier blogs, I am greatly influenced and inspired by my Gurus at the esteemed Yoga University, S-VYASA, based in Bengaluru, India (am currently pursuing MSc in Yoga Threapy program here). They not only teach Yoga and Spirituality, they are leading by example. The Founder & Chancellor of the University, Dr. H.R.Nagendra Guruji is humility-personified. He is so simple, humble, and approachable, any of us students can go and talk to him after the daily discourse or while he is taking a stroll on-campus and he pauses and talks to us. So, I think I am on a spiritual path.

I do listen to the videos and attend events held by Brahma Kumaris, Isha Foundation, and JKYog.

I came across the Happiness Challenge programs conducted by many such organizations striving for the betterment of the entire world.

I am planning to explain my experience and take-away from such programs that I have taken / been taking and wonderful Mobile Apps that I have been using in separate blogs.

Here’s wishing everyone health and happiness always. हरि ॐ (Hari Om)

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