‘Manjula’ Pothos

Hi Everyone,

First quarter of the Year 2020 is almost over! Let us hope the coming days and months bring back healthy environment, comfort, and solace in everyone’s life.

Now, to the actual blog… If your name happens to be Manjula, rejoice!! You have a plant in your name!! Really… I am not kidding… 🙂 Read on to find out…

I am a self-proclaimed gardening enthusiast. I find gardening to be very comforting. Happiness we get seeing sprouting bulbs, blooming buds, birds & butterflies hovering over the flowers is priceless. More on my garden in a later blog!

As many of the gardening experts / enthusiasts out there know, Pothos is one of the most forgiving, easy to grow houseplants (can be grown outdoors too if you live in a temperate climate region). It comes in various types. Its botanical name is Epipremnum pinnatum. Most of the people will immediately recognize this plant if I just say ‘Money Plant’. As per Vaastu / Feng Shui, it is believed that Pothos attract good vibes and wealth.

I have a few Pothos vines both in my home and garden, some growing in water and some in regular pots. I usually buy the plants from a local nursery. If the plants I don’t get locally, I shop on Amazon.in. I had bought a few plants from a Seller named Four Seasons and the way they had packaged and sent the plants along with caring tips really impressed me; they aren’t just selling plants for money, they really care about the plants and like to see those thrive in the home of the buyers! Thank you, Four Seasons and Amazon.in.

While browsing for plants online, I was surprised to see a name Manjula Pothos in the products that got displayed! I checked it out and went online to learn more about this variety. Apparently, Manjula Pothos is a patented variety produced by the University of Florida. I found a few articles on this plant too:

I bought a Manjula Pothos plant from Four Seasons online. As always, it arrived nicely packed with planting & caring instructions. A few pics of unboxing the plant and how it looks now are below.

Unboxing the Plant
Manjula Pothos in its ‘Home’

Happy Gardening! 🙂

Apart from being a hobby / a passion, Gardening apparently has a positive impact on our well-being too. Links to a few interesting articles on this topics are given below:

Gardening & Mental Health

Gardening & Healthy Living

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