The Joy of Food

Whether we live to eat or eat to live, we all need food to survive, isn’t it? 🙂

(This blog post is in a lighter-vein. More involved topics Healthy eating, a good diet, and right way of cooking etc. will be covered in the upcoming blog-posts.)

One thing is for sure, food brings people together. When you have a party or any event be it a wedding, naming ceremony, food is always served to the guests.

Food is one thing that you can give until the receiver / eater is completely satisfied; try offering an extra serving of Payasam (a sweet Indian dish like porridge) / Ice-cream who has already eaten to his / her heart’s content and there isn’t an iota of space left in the stomach; that person will definitely try to escape from you!! (This isn’t the case with other things like money / clothes etc.)

With the lockdown situation, there is no restaurant open and there is no food delivery service either (No Swiggy / No Zomato :-()

So, for now, my family has to eat what I prepare at home, especially my husband who likes to eat out at least twice a week! I pull his leg by saying, ‘You should have been the President of Neighborhood Restaurants Welfare Association!’ 😊 The eateries in my neighborhood know my family’s choices by-heart.

I think my kids and husband like my cooking, but they have a problem with my serving time, which is typically 30 to 45 minutes away from their stomach’s internal clock. 🙂 For now, they have to put up with me.

I guess, my husband and kids would be the first patrons at any restaurant that will open after the situation improves. ☺️

Chapathi (Indian Flat Bread) being Cooked

Let us enjoy the food that we get and eat and be thankful for it.

To make eating a joyful experience, a few restaurants put up humorous posters like the ones I have posted below:

April 05 is my Father-in-law’s birthday. This year, due to lockdown, we didn’t do much in the sense no cake-cutting, people visiting etc.,  but I made his favorite dishes.
He would say that his Mother used to make a traditional sweet of Karnataka, India called ‘GulPaavte’ (ಗುಲ್ಪಾವಟೆ) so, I thought he might like it and made the same  along with a South-Indian Curry with Capsicum (ಗೊಜ್ಜು).

Home-made Food 🙂

So, the brighter side is that we ate healthy food instead of sugar & calorie loaded cake & pastries.

Food is indeed our common ground, a Universal experience.

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