To Err is Human… Really?

All of us have heard this phrase, “To Err is Human…” in many of the conversations; people use it in jest or to shrug off a mistake they did or as an excuse for the mistake committed. This happens at our workplace and also in families.

Yes, to some extent, it is okay. We aren’t born perfect; while living our life, we do something right and something wrong; it is all part and parcel of the our journey. We figure things out as we live, right? So, ‘To Err is Human’; if we were God, we wouldn’t have erred!!

When someone keeps making the same (or similar) mistake again and again, then there are two possibilities:

  1. That person hasn’t realized that he / she is making the same mistake.
    • In this scenario, we would have to sit down with that person to figure out the reason behind it. 
    • It could be that he / she doesn’t have proper guidance for doing a task.
    • He / She is afraid to ask for help.
    • So, while figuring things on their own, they might end up making the same mistake. In this case, we would have to give them proper guidelines, help them implement the corrections, and monitor them for awhile so they get the hang of it.
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  2. It is being used as a deflection tactic or as an excuse as he / she doesn’t want to change or take responsibility for their action. If you have helped that person (as detailed in point # 1 above) earlier and still there is no change, then that person would have to face the consequence and own their mistake. They can’t hide behind “To Err is Human..” phrase. 

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