World Health Day – April 07

April 07 is celebrated as World Health Day, basically a Global Health Awareness Day.

The theme for the current year 2020 is ‘Support Nurses & Midwives.’

WHO chose the year 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” because of the contribution which nurses and midwives are making in making the world a healthier place. “Nurses and midwives are the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 response.

Such days (e.g., World Health Day, International Friendship Day, Earth Day etc.) celebrated worldwide help us remind ourselves of the importance of certain aspects of our lives.

Let us ask ourselves this simple question:

What is ‘Health’?
If we look it up in the dictionary, it is defined as ‘free from illness‘ or ‘disease-free state‘ or ‘a state of positive well-being.’

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also adopted this definition of complete health: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

So, to summarize, Health means:

  • Basic state of diseaseless-ness, which can be viewed as positive resilience at the physical body level
  • Pleasantness of Mind, Senses, and Self
  • Mind and Body go hand-in-hand. Having a positive mindset is essential for the physical well being. If the mind is stressed out most of the time, it eventually results in bodily illnesses (psychosomatic diseases).

The Process of Healing

No matter how well we take care of ourselves (both physical and emotional well-being), we do fall ill at some point or the other in our lifetime, be it as simple as flu / cold or a fracture or some lifestyle induced illness.

Next important aspect would be Healing and the key points to remembers / steps to follow to ensure effective healing.

When we fall sick, after undergoing the necessary treatment to address the immediate issue, what follows is healing. It involves three important things, prescribed medicines / physiotherapy, caregiver(s), and the person who is recovering.

  1. Prescribed Medicines / Physiotherapy: In very generic terms, these help in the repair of body tissues / joints or to address any other imbalance of the physical body.
  2. Caregiver(s): Be it a family member or a hired nurse / helper plays an important role in the affected person’s recovery. This person, apart from providing the necessary help at the physical level (e.g., assisting while walking / doing the daily activities, giving medicines on-time), needs to create a positive environment and encourage the recovering person by boosting his / her confidence level. 
  3. The Patient / The Person Who is Recovering: No matter how effective the medicines / treatment is and how supportive / encouraging the caregiver is, unless and until the patient makes up his / her mind to recover, nothing will work. He / She has to have the will to get better using the support system. 

So, the points we need to remember to aid in effective healing by radiating positive energy are listed below. These are applicable to both the caregivers and the person who’s recovering.

  • Get rid of negative thoughts about the ailment such as ‘Why did it happen to me?’, ‘What did I do wrong?’, and ‘When will this condition become alright?’ 
  • Accept the fact that whatever has happened has happened and it can be healed. Accepting the condition silences the mind and a silent mind aids in healing.
  • Talk about the constructive steps that can be taken to heal the ailment instead of worrying about the health issue and talking about the illness all the time. Create positive vibrations.
  • Don’t seek sympathy for your current condition; people feeling sorry for your health issue will not help in the recovery process; instead it will create negativity in you and everybody around you.
  • When you take medicines, take those with the faith the these are going to help you get better. 
  • Even if people around you start talking along the lines of how sorry they feel for your current condition / how long the recovery process is going to take / is the doctor or treatment or medicine good enough / will the health condition improve at all, have the courage to speak up and stop them from continuing their negative talks and firmly say that the current health situation is fine and it will get better.
  • Tell yourself “All is Well.”


All is Well

Here’s wishing everyone out there a happy, healthy, and contented life. Cheers 🙂

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