BhagavadGita, The Solution Provider

The following image was shared in one of the WhatsApp groups that I am in.

I sent it to my family group. My Uncle Sri. RamaMurthy, who is a key contributor to this blog site WhatsApp’d his thoughts on the Verses on Anger Management. I found his viewpoints very interesting and useful.

I am of the opinion that reading any scripture / article will be of real use when we try to internalize the ideas presented. So, I thought of sharing our own thoughts (or understanding) on these BhagavadGita verses in a series of blogs. I shared my thought and my Uncle kindly obliged.

So, here comes a blog-series on BhagavadGita Shlokas (verses) that offer solution to various vices, negative emotions, and challenges that we deal with and face in our life. (The goal is to publish a blog per week; links will be enabled as and when the blogs get posted.)

  1. Solution to Anger in BhagavadGita
  2. Solution to Confusion
  3. How to Deal with Envy
  4. How to Deal with Death
  5. How to Stay Motivated
  6. How to Defeat Depression
  7. How to Beat Bias
  8. How to Face Fear
  9. How to Atone
  10. How Do We Learn, Remember & Forget
  11. How to Curb the Greed
  12. How to Lay Aside Laziness
  13. How to Find Solace in Solitude
  14. How to Cope with Hope

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