Cherish Your People

Life gets taken for granted by us too often! Time flies… Life can be gone in a moment, you or your loved one may be gone and you didn’t get to tell them that you truly care.

Why am I saying this? We all know nothing is permanent right? Still we postpone things, we say we will do it tomorrow as though tomorrow is guaranteed.

This reality hit me again when I received a call from my cousin early this morning; I felt something is amiss and I wanted my hunch to be wrong… But, no… our Uncle, (My Mother’s Elder Brother) respected Sri. YogaNarasimhaMurthy (I called him Yoga Mama) had left this world…  😦

He was scheduled for an emergency open-heart surgery this morning, but he didn’t give the surgeons a chance to operate on him.

All my Uncles are very kind-hearted, caring, and of helping nature. Amongst them, Yoga Mama is the softest.

  1. Yoga Mama is known for his patience; I don’t remember seeing him angry even once.
  2. He was very fond of kids; I remember him telling us bed-time stories even though he was extremely tired at the end of a working day.
  3. He was known for his culinary skills too; he could cook tasty dishes for any festival.
  4. He and his family loved plants and gardening; we can find a thriving garden next to their house.
  5. A very soft-spoken and affectionate person; “Yenamma, Manju, Hegiddeeya…” (How are you, Manju)…” His caring, affectionate voice whenever I called him is still ringing in my ears.
  6. He wouldn’t talk much, but he got work done so efficiently.
  7. He was ready to help people all the time. His family is like that too; my aunt Rama Atthe and his kids i.e., my cousins Anuradha & Vasuki are equally affectionate and care about family bond a lot.

It hurts when I write about him in past tense. But… I cherish the memories of our time with him and his family.

You live in Our Hearts & Memories, Yoga Mama…

One regret that I have is I didn’t call my Mava and Atthe on Gowri & Ganesha festival day to wish; I would usually do it; the thought of calling them crossed my mind too, but I didn’t do it. I wish I had… I could have spoken to him…

BhagavadGita on How to Cope with the Inevitable

Thoughts Reach The One Who Died, by BrahmaKumar B.K. Shivani

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