New Year, New Us (Hopefully A Better Version)

We have embarked on yet another year, 2021 with hopes for a better, healthier, happier, and safer world! (Check out Self-transformation Tools video on our YouTube Channel, Shevadhi). The year 2020 proved to a challenging phase for everyone in the entire world due to the pandemic. Despite the difficulties and losses, it also made us … Continue reading New Year, New Us (Hopefully A Better Version)

BhagavadGita Motivates to Mind the Mind

Our Mind or Manas is a wonderful thing as long we can control it! Mind is often compared with a monkey (Mana Markatah), which is constantly jumping from tree to tree / hopping from a branch to another on a tree. Like this monkey's behavior, mind tends to switch between various thoughts. It is the … Continue reading BhagavadGita Motivates to Mind the Mind

BhagavadGita’s Pointers to Procure Peace

Peace isn't just freedom from war and violence. If we look more closely, we are constantly battling various emotions / thoughts within our mind. We are on a perpetual hunt for peace and happiness. When the mind and senses aren't in our control, we can be easily disturbed by anything / anyone around us. When … Continue reading BhagavadGita’s Pointers to Procure Peace

BhagavadGita’s Counsel to Control Conceit

Excessive-pride / conceit / arrogance / self-importance is another vice that hampers our growth. Dictionary meaning of Conceit is: "excessive appreciation of one's own worth or virtue". Excessive-pride shouldn't be confused with just pride. There is nothing wrong in feeling happy and proud about reaching a milestone in our life through hard-work, but letting those … Continue reading BhagavadGita’s Counsel to Control Conceit

Mind Your Mind to be Happy & Healthy

We have either read or heard of this: 'Happiness is a state of Mind. It is not in the external objects, but is an Inherent Quality of Every Soul' Still we associate our happiness to external objects and even hand-out our happiness's remote control to others!! try so hard to be happy! If we closely … Continue reading Mind Your Mind to be Happy & Healthy

Combat Challenges with Attitude Change

During our life journey, we all would have either seen or experienced that any challenging situation lightens up if we try to deal with it with a clear and calm mind than getting sucked into the issue. It is becoming even more evident in current health-scare scenario the entire world is facing. While the world … Continue reading Combat Challenges with Attitude Change

To Err is Human… Really?

All of us have heard this phrase, "To Err is Human..." in many of the conversations; people use it in jest or to shrug off a mistake they did or as an excuse for the mistake committed. This happens at our workplace and also in families. Yes, to some extent, it is okay. We aren't … Continue reading To Err is Human… Really?

Helping vs Enabling

We all face challenges / difficult situations in our lives. It is during our difficult times, the true colors of the people come out; people who genuinely care for you will assist you and encourage you to come out the difficult phase; others would either be indifferent or find comfort in seeing you suffer (these … Continue reading Helping vs Enabling

Happiness Challenge by JKYog

This is a part of my blog-post on the topic, Cultivate Happiness. In this article, I am going to talk about my experience with the Happiness Challenge program by JKYog, which is available online and is free. I urge you to check it out; once your register for this program, you will get a link … Continue reading Happiness Challenge by JKYog

Cultivate Happiness

Given the current health-scare scenario that the entire world is grappling with, all of us are going through a trying time. Not withstanding the people / social media spreading rumours / acting in an irresponsible manner, it is quite encouraging and comforting to see people and organizations trying to help others in their own way, … Continue reading Cultivate Happiness