Blessing in Disguise!

We all have heard and shared these quotes before, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!', 'When people throw stones at you, collect them and build an Empire!' Implementing these in our own life does take a lot of courage, patience, and a rock-solid support especially emotional and spiritual support. The support could be from … Continue reading Blessing in Disguise!

Mindfulness to Mitigate Misery

Happy Weekend, Everybody! As I observe myself and people around me getting on with our lives, some things especially how we handle people / situations impact our well-being continue to baffle me. This blog post particularly focuses on one's own pain threshold and tolerance levels. If we can develop some habits / adopt some techniques … Continue reading Mindfulness to Mitigate Misery

When Your Family has a Celebrity Look-alike!!

Fun Friday, Everybody... Folk wisdom says that each person has or will have his / her look-alikes in this world. It becomes even more intriguing when your look-alike happens to be a celebrity!! ☺️ This happened with us when we attended a family wedding back in August 2019. My family was meeting many of our … Continue reading When Your Family has a Celebrity Look-alike!!

Karma Siddhanta, the Law of Karma (Author: RamaMurthy)

This blog is written by Sri. RamaMurthy. A quick preface before getting to the actual article: 'Karma' is a Samskritha word that means action. It encompasses our thoughts, words, actions, and also others' actions done under our instructions / influence. There are 12 laws of Karma: This implies everything we do created a corresponding energy … Continue reading Karma Siddhanta, the Law of Karma (Author: RamaMurthy)

ManjushaMedleys’s Co-bloggers

Happy Friday...I have been meaning to add info about the key contributors to this blog-site for a while now... Finally I got around to it!Sri. RamaMurthy    He is a key contributor and also the very inspiration behind this blog-site. A few years back, when we were exchanging ideas and articles on WhatsApp, he asked me, … Continue reading ManjushaMedleys’s Co-bloggers

Cousins’ Gang

Cousins' Day is still a few months away. But, a photo shared by my Aunt (my Mom's Sister-in-law) took me down the memory lane and all the nice time we cousins had (and still having :-)). This is a pic from her wedding reception (early 1980s). Little girls draped in Sarees!! I was telling my … Continue reading Cousins’ Gang

Curb, Combat, & Cure Cancer

Today, February 04, 2020 is the World Cancer Day, which is observed to raise awareness about cancer and work to make it a global health priority. On this occasion, I wanted to dedicate an article to my respected Uncle Srinivasa who fought a brave battle with Cancer before succumbing to it and also to all … Continue reading Curb, Combat, & Cure Cancer

When the Chandelier Turned into a Maternity Home!!

Yes, the chandelier in my house has become a maternity home to a pair of red-whiskered bulbuls!! With flowering plants, papaya, guava and coconuts trees in my garden, I get a couple of chirpy visitors, butterflies, and squirrels on a daily basis. Currently, at least five generations of pigeons have made one of the window … Continue reading When the Chandelier Turned into a Maternity Home!!

Selflessness vs. Self-care, the Perpetual Dilemma

A thought-provoking write-up I received in one of my WhatsUp groups got me thinking about this topic. Am sure many, many of you out there have either experienced or seen it. Despite some positive changes wherein people are understanding the value of me-time to unwind and re-energize, there are still quite a number of folks … Continue reading Selflessness vs. Self-care, the Perpetual Dilemma

Birthday Resolution!! (Author: RamaMurthy)

We all have heard of New Year resolutions. Many jokes float around on this very topic around that time as not many people manage to stick to their resolution. If you are one of those who has made the resolution and achieved it, hats off to you. How about Birthday Resolutions? My Uncle and one … Continue reading Birthday Resolution!! (Author: RamaMurthy)