Victim or Victor, Your Choice

Happy weekend, Everyone. Stay home, Stay safe! Here's wishing everyone healthy and happiness always... Currently, the whole world is facing the health-scare due to COVID-19 virus. Different people are reacting to the situation differently. The least we can do is pray, radiate positive vibes, help the needy in whatever way we can, be kind and … Continue reading Victim or Victor, Your Choice

Curb, Combat, & Cure Cancer

Today, February 04, 2020 is the World Cancer Day, which is observed to raise awareness about cancer and work to make it a global health priority. On this occasion, I wanted to dedicate an article to my respected Uncle Srinivasa who fought a brave battle with Cancer before succumbing to it and also to all … Continue reading Curb, Combat, & Cure Cancer

Invisible Illnesses

Recently, I read about Lady Gaga cancelling her concert tour due to 'Severe Pain'. A few years back, the talented actress, Deepika Padukone had talked about her battle with depression. I have seen a few cases in our family / friends circles who have experienced / battled what we term as Invisible diseases. The challenge … Continue reading Invisible Illnesses