The Joy of Food

Whether we live to eat or eat to live, we all need food to survive, isn't it? 🙂 (This blog post is in a lighter-vein. More involved topics Healthy eating, a good diet, and right way of cooking etc. will be covered in the upcoming blog-posts.) One thing is for sure, food brings people together. … Continue reading The Joy of Food

A Leaf from Childhood Memories (Author: Meghana Savkar)

This article marks the debut of my cousin, Meghana Savkar as a Blogger! 💐Meghana is a loving daughter, daughter-in-law (of my Aunt and Uncle that I had talked about earlier), wife of my cousin, Ravi, a caring & nurturing Mom of two adorable kids, Ankith and Aisiri, an able IT professional, and above all, a … Continue reading A Leaf from Childhood Memories (Author: Meghana Savkar)

Abhiyentararu (A Theatre for Engineers)

Mysuru is called the Cultural Capital of Karnataka, the City of Palaces, Heritage City of Karnataka. It is also one of the University Towns of India given the array of prestigious colleges in pretty much in all the fields of education (arts, commerce, science, engineering, music, medicine, and the list goes on) starting from the era … Continue reading Abhiyentararu (A Theatre for Engineers)