In the School of Life…

... everyone and everything is (or can be if paid attention to) a Guru / Teacher! Here's what prompted me to write this article: I do listen to various spiritual leaders and motivational speakers on YouTube and I do volunteer in a particular spiritual organization's events and drives that are meant for the betterment of … Continue reading In the School of Life…

Pursuit of Happiness

Even though happiness is one of the innate qualities of every soul born on Earth, it gets masked by various layers of wrong notions we acquire as we age and gets lost! And we are on a perpetual quest for it!! The following blog written by Sri. RamaMurthy is on this very topic, which is … Continue reading Pursuit of Happiness

BhagavadGita, the Life Guide and My Spiritual Guru

Happy Monday, Everybody! This blog post is on Srimad BhagavadGita, the ultimate guide of Life and is dedicated to my Spiritual Guru, respected Sreeparna Roy Didi. She is one of the respected Gurus who teaches at S-VYASA. I came into her contact (or I should say it was the divine force that connected me with … Continue reading BhagavadGita, the Life Guide and My Spiritual Guru

Quotients of Life

Happy weekend, Folks. An interesting write-up on the topic, types of intelligence that I received in one of my WhatsApp groups inspired me to this blog-post.  When we hear the word, Quotient, Intelligence Quotient / IQ is probably the first word that we think of. Next would be Emotional Quotient (EQ) / Emotional Intelligence (EI), … Continue reading Quotients of Life

Tools for Self-Transformation

In this blog, I am going to share a list of self-transformation tools that was given to me when I embarked on my Yogic journey by enrolling in M.Sc. Yoga Therapy program offered by S-VYASA, a deemed Yoga University, based in Bengaluru, India. Our M.Sc. batch had around 160 students! Given the fact that we … Continue reading Tools for Self-Transformation

Influencers in Our Life (Author: RamaMurthy)

The following blog you are going to read is written by my Uncle (Chikkappa ಚಿಕ್ಕಪ್ಪ), Mr. RamaMurthy who is a key contributor to this blog-site. Not only that, he is the one who inspired me to start this blog-site! Thank you, Chikkappa...The article below is in our Mother-tongue Kannada language. He writes about his experience … Continue reading Influencers in Our Life (Author: RamaMurthy)

Reduce Stress,Get Cured

We have been hearing and reading a lot about psychosomatic diseases lately. A psychosomatic disorder is a disease which involves both mind and body. Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to be made worse by mental factors such as stress and anxiety. One's current mental state can affect how bad a physical … Continue reading Reduce Stress,Get Cured

Change for the Better

Happy Friday, Folks. I received a beautiful write-up on WhatsApp, which brightened my day. So, I thought of sharing it with all of you... Yes, I am changing... After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children, my friends, now I have started loving myself. Yes, I am changing... I just realised that I … Continue reading Change for the Better

From A Night Owl to A Morning Lark… Or Both?!!

Happy Monday, Folks. Wish you all a happy, healthy, and fruitful week ahead...☺👍 Something surprising is happening with me for the past 2 weeks and I can't believe it myself: I am waking up early (I mean real early :-)) that too without an alarm clock buzzing next to me!!! If you have been a … Continue reading From A Night Owl to A Morning Lark… Or Both?!!

Raja Yoga – Part 3

Happy Friday, Folks... 🙂 In my previous blogs, I wrote about: Introduction to Raja Yoga The First Limb of Raja Yoga, Yamas (Restraints) Today, I am going to go over the Niyamas (Discipline). NIYAMA (DISCIPLINE) ‘Niyama’ literally represents ‘binding rules’ or ‘observances’ or ‘discipline’. These are all about self-regulation, helping us maintain a positive environment … Continue reading Raja Yoga – Part 3