BhagavadGita, the Life Guide and My Spiritual Guru

Happy Monday, Everybody! This blog post is on Srimad BhagavadGita, the ultimate guide of Life and is dedicated to my Spiritual Guru, respected Sreeparna Roy Didi. She is one of the respected Gurus who teaches at S-VYASA. I came into her contact (or I should say it was the divine force that connected me with … Continue reading BhagavadGita, the Life Guide and My Spiritual Guru

Tools for Self-Transformation

In this blog, I am going to share a list of self-transformation tools that was given to me when I embarked on my Yogic journey by enrolling in M.Sc. Yoga Therapy program offered by S-VYASA, a deemed Yoga University, based in Bengaluru, India. Our M.Sc. batch had around 160 students! Given the fact that we … Continue reading Tools for Self-Transformation

Bhakti Bhavana & Its Types

Before I start this blog-post, let me tell you what prompted me to write it.On February 09, 2020, "Guru Ravidas Jayanthi' event popped up on my mobile's Calendar App. This rang a bell in my mind; my Yoga Guru at SVYASA Yoga University, Smt. Rashmi Bapat, while teaching us Narada Bhakti Sutras (NBS) course had … Continue reading Bhakti Bhavana & Its Types

Soul On A Journey

Yesterday, February 07, 2020, we received a shocking news on our S-VYASA MSc Yoga Therapy WhatsApp Group: One of our Gurus, Dr. H. K. Rajesh Sir who taught us Vedas, Upanishads, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika left his physical body to continue the journey on a higher plane. First reaction was obviously shock … Continue reading Soul On A Journey

Our Cars are Healthier than Us!!

This is a rhetorical question I posed to the participants in one of my Yoga classes: 'Are your vehicles more precious than your body?' After a brief pause I continued, "When your car needs an oil change, do you skip that activity because you have no time?". "Of course not, why would anyone take that … Continue reading Our Cars are Healthier than Us!!

From A Night Owl to A Morning Lark… Or Both?!!

Happy Monday, Folks. Wish you all a happy, healthy, and fruitful week ahead...☺👍 Something surprising is happening with me for the past 2 weeks and I can't believe it myself: I am waking up early (I mean real early :-)) that too without an alarm clock buzzing next to me!!! If you have been a … Continue reading From A Night Owl to A Morning Lark… Or Both?!!

Raja Yoga – Part 3

Happy Friday, Folks... 🙂 In my previous blogs, I wrote about: Introduction to Raja Yoga The First Limb of Raja Yoga, Yamas (Restraints) Today, I am going to go over the Niyamas (Discipline). NIYAMA (DISCIPLINE) ‘Niyama’ literally represents ‘binding rules’ or ‘observances’ or ‘discipline’. These are all about self-regulation, helping us maintain a positive environment … Continue reading Raja Yoga – Part 3

Raja Yoga – Part 2

Welcome back to the series on Raja Yoga. Introduction to Raja Yoga was covered in my previous blog. This blog is on the first limb of Raja Yoga, the Yamas. Yama (Restraints) The first limb, Yama, refers to the restraints / vows / moral disciplines relating to ourselves and our interaction with the world around … Continue reading Raja Yoga – Part 2

Raja Yoga – Part 1

Introduction Raja Yoga is one of the four streams of Yoga. It is the path of the willpower. As we know, no action is possible without willpower. Raja means King. A king is considered to be the one who acts with independence, self-confidence and assurance. Since this particular stream / path of Yoga leads us … Continue reading Raja Yoga – Part 1