BhagavadGita’s Direction to Defeat Depression

Depression is a topic that tends to be a taboo topic and gets talked about in a hushed manner! It isn't a crime / sign of weakness / curse to feel depressed. It is just a unhealthy state of mind / brain just like any other organ in our body. If pancreas fail to do … Continue reading BhagavadGita’s Direction to Defeat Depression

Victim or Victor, Your Choice

Happy weekend, Everyone. Stay home, Stay safe! Here's wishing everyone healthy and happiness always... Currently, the whole world is facing the health-scare due to COVID-19 virus. Different people are reacting to the situation differently. The least we can do is pray, radiate positive vibes, help the needy in whatever way we can, be kind and … Continue reading Victim or Victor, Your Choice

YugaAdi, Beginning of a New Age

March 25, 2020, according to the Hindu Calendar, happened be the first day of Chaitra Maasa, the beginning of the Spring Season. The States of India namely Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra celebrated the festival, Yugaadi / Ugadi / Gudi Padwa. As I started working on this blog, I also got to learn … Continue reading YugaAdi, Beginning of a New Age

Nicety is a Rarity!?

An interesting thing happened today. Thought of sharing it on my blog.My son had the last exam of this academic year. He came back home so happy and excited about summer vacation starting tomorrow (More than him, I am also happy and relaxed as I don't have to bug him about studies and revision until … Continue reading Nicety is a Rarity!?

Invisible Illnesses

Recently, I read about Lady Gaga cancelling her concert tour due to 'Severe Pain'. A few years back, the talented actress, Deepika Padukone had talked about her battle with depression. I have seen a few cases in our family / friends circles who have experienced / battled what we term as Invisible diseases. The challenge … Continue reading Invisible Illnesses