Combat Challenges with Attitude Change

During our life journey, we all would have either seen or experienced that any challenging situation lightens up if we try to deal with it with a clear and calm mind than getting sucked into the issue. It is becoming even more evident in current health-scare scenario the entire world is facing. While the world … Continue reading Combat Challenges with Attitude Change

The Power of Prayer

The dictionary meaning of Prayer is a form of communication with the God / Divine / an Invisible Force and is done either to request something or to seek solace or to say thanks. Most of us in the world, irrespective of the geographical location or faith / belief systems have the practice of prayer … Continue reading The Power of Prayer

Selflessness vs. Self-care, the Perpetual Dilemma

A thought-provoking write-up I received in one of my WhatsUp groups got me thinking about this topic. Am sure many, many of you out there have either experienced or seen it. Despite some positive changes wherein people are understanding the value of me-time to unwind and re-energize, there are still quite a number of folks … Continue reading Selflessness vs. Self-care, the Perpetual Dilemma