Mindfulness to Mitigate Misery

Happy Weekend, Everybody! As I observe myself and people around me getting on with our lives, some things especially how we handle people / situations impact our well-being continue to baffle me. This blog post particularly focuses on one's own pain threshold and tolerance levels. If we can develop some habits / adopt some techniques … Continue reading Mindfulness to Mitigate Misery

Selflessness vs. Self-care, the Perpetual Dilemma

A thought-provoking write-up I received in one of my WhatsUp groups got me thinking about this topic. Am sure many, many of you out there have either experienced or seen it. Despite some positive changes wherein people are understanding the value of me-time to unwind and re-energize, there are still quite a number of folks … Continue reading Selflessness vs. Self-care, the Perpetual Dilemma